Leadership for technical people.

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The Challenge of Leadership

Technical skills only take you so far. Your career depends on leadership, whether you’re on the technical track or the manager’s path.

But… leadership is tough. When you’ve never been taught how to lead it’s even tougher. You might think:

“I don’t have the skills.”
“My manager isn’t teaching me.”
“There are no leadership opportunities.”

Quietly, you might question whether you were made to be a leader at all.

I believe everyone can lead. Technical people can make great leaders, whether you’re a manager or an IC. All it takes is practice, guidance, and commitment.

I will help you lead with the confidence and competence to succeed. Are you ready?

How I Help


One-on-one coaching over six months to tackle your most pressing leadership challenges, and help you succeed in this role and the next.


Two-day cohort-based workshops to equip you with foundational leadership skills, whether you’re on the technical track or the manager’s path.


Free regular articles on leadership in tech, providing you with the insight you need now.

About Braden

Braden Moore is a leadership coach and trainer who helps technical people become leaders. He spent almost a decade in the tech industry as an engineer, a product manager, and an engineering leader. Braden has coached and mentored leaders within the Melbourne tech ecosystem for through Blackbird, Startmate, and MedTech Actuator.

Braden has led product teams in companies from 1 to 1,000 employees, including as Director of Engineering for the employee experience platform company Culture Amp. He combines his practical experience as an engineering leader and training in Coaching Psychology with a passion for helping others realise their potential.

He works with mid-career professionals from a diverse range of fields, such as engineering, HR, and consulting. His clients appreciate his empathic yet practical approach, his leadership knowledge, and his outcome focus.